10+ Fabulous Balcony Apartment Decoration For Valentine’s Day

Amazing Valentine's Balcony Decoration Ideas

There are some people who do not have a home but live in an apartment. This apartment is large and at least has a balcony that can make the apartment more beautiful. In addition, this balcony also has many functions if you add a very attractive decoration. Now is the […]

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25+ Elegant Dark Apartment Interior Design Ideas For Warm

Dark Kitchen Design 2

Space design with a dark color scheme shows unique characters that are truly extraordinary. Interior design ideas that feature corporate character, formal, elegant and passionate. The use of dark color schemes or dark colors is actually quite popular in interior design. Dark color schemes are a unique way to show […]

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9 Attractive Apartment Design Interior Ideas With Geometric Concept

Geometric Bathroom 1

The geometric interior of the apartment is able to bring a relaxed and warm and comfortable feel. Geometric motifs are also able to create a different and more special atmosphere. In general, geometric is a form or motif that contains line elements; be it oblique, square, circle or other varied […]

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Best 8 Scandinavian Style Fireplace Design Ideas For Inspiration

Scandinavian Style Fireplace Design Ideas(5)

Fireplaces are architectural structures designed to light a fire. Fireplaces are used for practical purposes of heating, cooking, and other purposes. Fireplaces have great benefits when the wet season as warmers of the room. But, with the passage of time the fireplace is rarely used as heating of the room […]

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9 Bohemian Decorating Interior Style Ideas for Your House

Interior Decoration Bohemian Ideas(3)

Bohemian word has actually been known for a long time. Initially, the term was used to describe the non-traditional lifestyles of wandering people in the mid-1800s. Later, the term became synonymous with the word “gypsy”, a term applied to those who left Bohemia in Central Europe to escape from rigid […]

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