30 Top Modern Mediterranean Design For Inspiration

Mediterranean Exterior Stucco and Stone

Houses that apply the concept of Mediterranean design look more elegant, luxurious and classic. There are several elements that can distinguish Mediterranean-style occupancy with other dwellings, one of the hallmarks of the Mediterranean-style house is the presence of tall pillars are sturdy and has a fairly large diameter. In addition, the other distinguishing element is the form of a circular roof on one part, while the roof to tap other parts triangular or saddle shape. For the exterior wall is generally lined with natural rocks and marble, the presence of both materials make the house seem luxurious and elegant.

Generally, design styles from around the world can be identified from the use of color, fabric, texture and/or certain materials that are strongly influenced by local culture or culture. In the world of interior design, these influences penetrate into certain design styles that gave birth to each interior style is unique and unique.

Mediterranean interior design style has become a distinctive interior design style. European countries such as Italy, Spain or Greece, the land of the gods, are known to have specificity and specificity in the style of their respective designs. The interior design of the three countries greatly influenced the development of the Mediterranean interior design style in general. The Mediterranean style is identified as the style of interior design as well as the architectural style of European houses in the south. The Mediterranean design style reminds us of the importance of uniqueness in every interior appearance of the house. This kind of style will also have a direct correlation with the level of comfort and especially the aesthetic flavor that surfaced.

Modern House Exterior Design
Modern House Exterior Design

Typical Character of Luxury House Design Mediterranean Concept, Mediterranean style home design is more flexible and has a distinctive character. There are parts of a particular field that distinguishes Mediterranean home designs with other home designs. Mediterranean roof home design models generally use a saddle roof design, while on walls dominated by natural materials such as marble or stone art is worth more. The window size is smaller than the regular house and the box is rectangular in general with the upper half curved semicircular design. The main design door is mostly Spanish Renaissance style and also the classic European house. But there are also models of rectangular doors also equipped with rectangular or semi-circular vents.

Well, that’s some summary of Mediterranean design. Hopefully useful for you and hopefully inspire.

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