8 Best Popular House Styles That Will Inspire You

Luxury Italian House Style

To build a house must think about how the architecture of the house becomes more beautiful and attractive. Home architectural style has developed over time. Starting from human problems, namely the need for a conducive place to live, home architecture is not only a matter of building to protect its inhabitants but also includes the visual and beauty of the facade of the house itself.

Awesome French House Style
Awesome French House Style – Source: teaworthy.com

Of course, the design of home architecture is different from time to time, not only influenced by the age of the house being built, the characteristics of an era also include the taste of homeowners. By using the owner’s taste, the design of the house will be more fun.

For those of you who are newly married and want to have a home, then make your home in a nice and beautiful style. For those of you who are confused in building a stylish home design, relax. In this article, I will give you some stylish home designs that are your inspiration. Surely you can’t wait, right? Look at the following article!

Here is a stylish house that you must see:

1. Japanese House Style

This stylish house is suitable for those of you who are looking for inspiration in a traditional garden-style house. The back porch is decorated with stones, shady trees, and wood as a walkway. That said, simplicity is a pillar of Japanese design.

Astonishing Japanese House Style
Astonishing Japanese House Style – Source: johnvaglioneforcongress.com
Traditional Japanese House Style
Traditional Japanese House Style – Source: pinterest.ru

2. Italian House Style

Since long ago, Italy did have a high appeal on the design of its unique and beautiful house with its classic atmosphere. In general, the design of this Italian house has elements of stone and wood. Traditional Italian homes are always used as the main reference in modern homes though. Because there are so many Italian-style houses adopted by homes in other countries because of their uniqueness and classics.

Beautiful Italian House Style
Beautiful Italian House Style – Source: urbancreatives.co
Cool Italian House Style
Cool Italian House Style – Source:  dailybrunette.com

3. American House Style

American-style homes can be considered as the concept of a modern home but are more influenced by European styles, especially Greek and Italian countries. Many advantages of the design of this house, the more practical design of the house that you can see on the foundation and character of the house.

Modern American House Style
Modern American House Style – Source: cazaterrablog.wordpress.com
Small American House Style
Small American House Style – Source: bradisoc.com

4. French House Style

This residential style is very suitable to be built in the mountains or peaks because it creates a warm impression. This house has very distinctive characteristics, namely a house that is quite colorful and presents a warm impression, so it is widely adopted by villa owners or vacation homes.

Minimalist French House Style
Minimalist French House Style – Source: thoughtco.com
Top French House Style
Top French House Style – Source:  terrymcleish.com

How? Interesting right? Hopefully useful and hope you are inspired to build a house.

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