Inspiring Farmhouse With a Modern Feel: 20+ Best Modern Farmhouse Picture

Design Modern Farmhouse Exteriors

A farmhouse is a house that you have to accommodate your farm every season. The farmhouse itself usually has a simple look and sober. Because many who think for a farmhouse used as a warehouse does not have to look attractive. But the idea is also wrong because we must […]

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30 Top Modern Mediterranean Design For Inspiration

Mediterranean Exterior Stucco and Stone

Houses that apply the concept of Mediterranean design look more elegant, luxurious and classic. There are several elements that can distinguish Mediterranean-style occupancy with other dwellings, one of the hallmarks of the Mediterranean-style house is the presence of tall pillars are sturdy and has a fairly large diameter. In addition, […]

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20 Best Home Offices Design Ideas That You Will Feeling Cozy For Work

Small Home Office Design

Working on a pile of work that is chasing a deadline can be stressful. Not to mention, sometimes deadlocked ideas can hinder the solution. The 24-hour time available is sometimes not enough to complete a stack of work, not a few of the workers who spelled out workaholic bring their […]

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