Top 30 Luxurious Desert Residence Architecture Collections You Have To See

Luxurious Desert Residence Architecture Pictures 150

Who would not want to live in a mansion equipped with stunning natural scenery? Coupled with the architecture of the house is so comfortable and modern, complete with a variety of furniture. All this looks at the architectural design of this one house! Created by maximizing the landscape as a featured feature, it’s no wonder if this house manages to make everyone stunned! The architectural design is made with a fancy facade of the back of the house is made of clear glass. Not to mention the roof made a great transverse, home look like a futuristic house that looks beautiful and charming!

Its spacious and open interiors meet in perfect harmony. The living room and kitchen are made in a light-filled open concept with stunning views. Modern and spacious kitchens are made of white marble and wooden walls. On top of a white marble counter hanging 2 modern lamps that complement the interior. The same scene can be seen in the back area. There is a green park with a beautiful staircase, glass railing, look perfect as a place to enjoy the scenery there.

The role of the architect is very important in designing the dream house. In Indonesia a lot of famous architects who have proven their knowledge in producing an interesting design of luxury desert homes.

Luxurious Desert Residence Architecture Pictures 230
Luxurious Desert Residence Architecture Pictures 230

which remains minimalist on the interior, the design of this house is dominated by open space without the use of bulkhead in order to maintain air circulation or light with baik.Here there are some examples of luxury home design ideas of famous architectural creativity in the ground water as inspirasimu in realizing the dream house you.


With the concept of luxurious desert residential architecture like the picture above, we are sure you will be more at home living inside even though far from the city crowd.

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