10 Brilliant Rooft Top Gardening Ideas You Should Try

Beautiful Roof Garden Ideas

Utilizing the roof for a vegetable garden can be applied to homes. All that is needed is not concrete-floored land, raised beds for planting, and a roof to control the absorbed water.

Plant the type of short-lived vegetables, between four to five weeks, such as kale, lettuce, spinach, carrots.

Brilliant Rooft Top Gardening Ideas
Brilliant Rooft Top Gardening Ideas

Plant crops alternately. For example, after planting water spinach, the land is not planted with water spinach but replaced with lettuce. After lettuce, the same land is planted with spinach. And so on alternately.

This method can naturally break the life cycle of plant pest. The pests that came when they planted water spinach were cut off in their life cycle with different plants that were planted thereafter. Thus creating a balance.

Vegetable gardens on the roof of the house should be equipped with a transparent roof so that the sun can be absorbed well but rainfall can be blocked. The intensity of water that is still in the planting medium must be controlled.

Watering is done twice a day with moderate intensity. It is best to do it with a watering can.

A green open space on the roof of a house does have an ecological benefit. But it also has a decorative function at once.

You can adjust the layout of the plants you plant and decorate it with various decorating elements so that the garden on the roof of the house will remain beautiful and eye-catching.

Do not forget if the plants are planted in pots, then choose pots with decorative elements. Choose a pot with a color and design side that is very interesting because it will make your roof more ideal later.

You can also decorate your garden by placing park benches and adding lighting ornaments as well as garden lights.

This way when night falls you can sit relaxed while looking at the sky full of stars perfectly.

Below Are Brilliant Rooft Top Gardening Ideas

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