18 Cozy Wooden Furniture Designs For Your Home Get Easily

Wooden Chair Design 7

To complete the house, of course, you have to buy various furniture and decorations so that your house does not look quiet. At present, there are many furniture stores that offer various home supplies according to the design or theme of the house you choose.

Wooden Table Design 2
Wooden Table Design 2 – Source: wallpaperscraft.com

In the world of furniture, recycling applications are quite often done. We can see industrial-style wood made into many things. Simple, simple and versatile are some of the advantages of this inexpensive material.

For those of you who are interested in applying wood furniture, it really can make the room more beautiful and comfortable. Apart from the cheap price, wooden furniture is also durable. Now in this article, I will provide 18 designs of wooden furniture that you can apply in your home.

The following are wooden furniture designs as inspiration for you:

1. Wooden Chair Design

Chairs are one of the furniture that can make your room comfortable. Besides that, you don’t need to worry about the strength of this chair. Because this chair is durable and attractive.

Wooden Chair Design 1
Wooden Chair Design 1 – Source: createaforum.net
Wooden Chair Design 2
Wooden Chair Design 2 – Source: pracmatic.net
Wooden Chair Design 3
Wooden Chair Design 3 – Source: abiborj.com
Wooden Chair Design 4
Wooden Chair Design 4 – Source:  teamworthy.com
Wooden Chair Design 5
Wooden Chair Design 5 – Source: gardencpnnectionshydro.com
Wooden Chair Design 6
Wooden Chair Design 6 – Source: vashpovar.com

2. Wooden Table Design

In addition to chairs, desk tables are also furniture that can make the room more comfortable, one of which is a table that is applied in the living room.

Wooden Table Design 1
Wooden Table Design 1 – Source: knittystash.com
Wooden Table Design 3
Wooden Table Design 3 – Source: thelightlaughed.com
Wooden Table Design 4
Wooden Table Design 4 – Source: rascalartsnync.com
Wooden Table Design 5
Wooden Table Design 5 – Source: generalpublicdesigns.com
Wooden Table Design 6
Wooden Table Design 6 – Source: beachsboracay.com
Wooden Table Design 7
Wooden Table Design 7 – Source:  thelightlaughed.com

3. Wooden Shelves Design

Shelves are for storing items that you have. Besides maximizing the narrow space to be comfortable, the rack can also make the room more beautiful.

Wooden Shelves Design 1
Wooden Shelves Design 1 – Source: schulweg.info
Wooden Shelves Design 2
Wooden Shelves Design 2 – Source: babakas.org
Wooden Shelves Design 3
Wooden Shelves Design 3 – Source:  pembelim.net
Wooden Shelves Design 4
Wooden Shelves Design 4 – Source: newoodest.blogspot.com
Wooden Shelves Design 5
Wooden Shelves Design 5 – Source: srint.org
Wooden Shelves Design 6
Wooden Shelves Design 6 – Source: xedulich.info

For you who are creative, you can make your own furniture according to your taste. Hopefully useful and

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