20 Best Color Harmony Design Ideas To Make a Nice Room Wall

Analogous Color Scheme Rooms

Home is a precious place for all of us, and it can be said that home is the most important place among all the places we have visited or visited. because as you know, that we do everything in the house, start our daily steps also in the house.

Therefore you certainly do not want not if your home is very precious and very you keep it look ordinary or look bad from the outside and inside. surely you will think of many ways to repair and rebuild the bad parts.

Recently there is a room decoration technique by applying various colors in one room. So our room in the house we live will look so much brighter and shine with a mixture of bright colors that have been applied. You are curious not, how the shape of the decor.

Split Complementary Color Scheme
Split Complementary Color Scheme


Image above is the design or appearance that we discussed this time, namely the design of the room with the application of colorful on every corner of our homeroom. And the effects we can feel are, of course, the increased brightness effects in every room, the beauty of every room we have, and the comfort we get from every room.

Indeed to design our room full of color requires a very large effort and a fairly large cost. because the most widely used material is paint

Inspiration Colorful Decorating for a Room in Your Home: 20 Color Harmony Design

Hopefully, the inspiration can be useful for you and can help you in decorating your house to become more interesting and comfortable for you to live.

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