25 Interior Decoration Door Transom Ideas For Inspiration

French Doors Dividing Rooms

Your door looks old and less attractive? do you want to decorate your door to make it look more modern? and comfortable to be seen by you and others.

You can use interior decoration of this one door. Where the decoration uses a way of decorating the transom door that has an open gap. To get more light from outside as well as more air.

As described in this decor utilizes a modern style that is useful to get more sun and air intake from outside to make your home more comfortable and fresh. This decoration looks more modern and elegant than the ordinary door decoration.

Interior Door Transom Windows
Interior Door Transom Windows

In general, this decoration is similar to the decoration of the front door of your house. Only the application is put in the room. Or can be said in apply to the door of your room or your room. Because the room in the house is usually lack of intake of light and air because of blocked walls of the house.

This decoration also you can create with two variations where you can make the interior decoration of this door full of the slit or can also just make air gap at the top of the door. For more details, you can see some inspiration for this door decoration as follows.

Inspiration Interior Decoration Door Transom: 25 Interior Decoration Door Transom

How are you interested to try this decoration? then prepare your ideas or you can choose one example of the decoration to be applied in your home of course on your door.

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