8 Awesome Air Plants Ideas For Your Home Interior Decoration

Incredible Air Plants

Amazing Water Plant Display Ideas to Add Uniqueness to Your Home. Are you planning to make a unique living room decoration to decorate the room in your house? Think of something unique but still beautiful to see, right?

Beautiful Air Plants
Beautiful Air Plants – Source: vdan.com

Tillandsia as a scientific name belongs to plant species that do not need soil to grow. Air plants use their leaves to absorb nutrients from water and air to grow while the roots are only to maintain purpose.

You can place an air factory display container by hanging, mounted on the wall or placed elegantly on the side of the table to create extraordinary home decor. In addition, air plants have more than 400 species that you can choose to decorate your own home.

However, you need to consider that air plants need special care and attention to grow indoors. They need water, light, temperature and proper nutrition for their correct growth. In this article, I will provide some tillandsia plants that are suitable for use in decorating your home.

The following are tillandsia air plants to decorate your home:

1. Tillandsia Bulbosa

Tillandsia bulbosa, around air plant, is a species in the Tillandsia genus. This plant is very suitable to be applied in the living room.

Tillandsia Bulbosa
Tillandsia Bulbosa – Source: acestory.my

2. Tillandsia Butzii

This plant is also very good if applied in home decor.

Tillandsia Butzii
Tillandsia Butzii – Source: paraphernalia.gr

3. Tillandsia Capitata

Tillandsia capitata is a good plant if placed in a glass.

Tillandsia Capitata
Tillandsia Capitata – Source: ebayshopkorea.com

4. Tillandsia Aeranthos

You can apply this plant as a wall decoration because it will be more beautiful.

Tillandsia Aeranthos
Tillandsia Aeranthos – Source: minibutik.be

5. Tillandsia Streptophylla

Tillandsia streptophylla is a species in the Tillandsia genus. With its unique shape, it will make the house more attractive.

Tillandsia Streptophylla
Tillandsia Streptophylla – Source: shoppingbin.com

6. Tillandsia Stricta

Tillandsia stricta is a species in the Tillandsia genus. You put this plant in a bowl to make it more attractive.

Tillandsia Stricta
Tillandsia Stricta – Source: gardentags.com

7. Tillandsia Cyanea

Tillandsia cyanea is a flowering plant species in the bromeliad family, native to the Ecuadorian rainforest. In addition, tillandsia cyanea has good colors so that if used as a home decoration it will make it more beautiful.

Tillandsia Cyanea
Tillandsia Cyanea – Source: mantidenundmehr.de

8. Tillandsia Brachycaulos

This plant is also very suitable to be applied to home decoration to make it more beautiful.

Tillandsia Brachycaulos
Tillandsia Brachycaulos – Source: houtspul.nl

Hopefully, it will be useful and as long as you try to bring decorative water plants at home.

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