30+ Best Open Kitchen Design With Wide Space Ideas

Big Open Kitchen 1

Are you not satisfied with your kitchen? or you get less movement in your kitchen because of the size of your kitchen that may be too narrow or a lot of furniture that is scattered and make your kitchen look and feel cramped.

Then you can try creative ideas to get you moving and move more into your kitchen. Which will make you more comfortable and can cook freely because of the breadth of your kitchen.

Creative ideas to have your dream kitchen you can do and create your own in many ways, which can be done by decorating and reducing kitchen furniture or you can tidy up your kitchen items or also by uniting your kitchen room and living room.

Big Open Kitchen 2
Big Open Kitchen 2

That way you can make your kitchen more comfortable and wider. And with that, you will also gain more comfort in your own kitchen. So you do not have to worry about doing your activities while in the kitchen.

You can also make it look more beautiful by making your kitchen decorations more elegant by putting the right color and decoration of your interior and furnishings that have an elegant style. Here’s an example of a wide kitchen inspiration that I choose.

How? looks comfortable and elegant rather than a kitchen with such wide and satisfied decor. So you will find comfort and beauty in your own kitchen.

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