25+ Awesome Black And White Laundry Room Ideas

Laundry Room with Window

If talking about Laundry Room must be very confusing for the problem of layout and design. Not many people have ideas about how to design a laundry room, there are some people who want to have a laundry room that suits the needs but do not know how to implement it.

Laundry space does not need to be too big but can meet all activities. Surely the room should be efficient and need to be designed properly. Function room as a laundry room and iron is a room that needs to be owned in the house. Hiding dirty clothes or hanging clothes that just dried need to be done so that the house does not seem messy and others are not easy to see it.

The white color is always suitable for any room. One of the laundry room. The area for cleaning clothes is equipped with a variety of white furniture and also the floor decorated with striped motifs.

modern laundry room
modern laundry room

The black color gives the shape of a classy room for just laundry room. Combined with white storage shelves so the ambiance of the room is not too dark. There is also a place to hang clothes that have been dried in a dryer.

That’s some ideas that might be a reference for those of you who want to have a different laundry room. Hopefully, inspire you in designing the laundry room.

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