20 Most Effective and Easy Chicken Run Garden Inspiration

Back Yard Chicken Co op

Do you love gardening? do you also like to keep chickens in your house? then you should try this one trick. If you want to create a cage for your chickens with your own innovations and creations, then chicken run landscaping is a good idea for you to try in your garden.

The principle of Chicken Run Landscaping is basically a way to design your chicken coop to be more creative and multifunctional. For the word decorate yourself you also would also think to decorate it with a beautiful thing, is not it?

It is not wrong to decorate your chicken coop with beautiful things like flowers you can use, but you need to know also that the chicken is an animal that likes to eat any plant including flowers. But there are some flowers that are not liked by your chicken.

Chicken Co op Garden
Chicken Co op Garden

Such as roses, irises, camellias, nasturtium, marigolds, sunflowers, and violets. You can use these flowers to make the extra decoration in your chicken coop to make it look more beautiful. Giving a small bush in a chook run can also help decorate your chicken coop, such as cumin, agapanthus, lavender, wormwood. to help the effectiveness of your chickens in the cage, you can also place some buckets or vats and pots, because the chickens often lay eggs in it so it can be easier for you when you want to check the eggs.

For protection, you can use wire mesh to keep the chicken away from running around and destroying your crops. So that way you can have beautiful and well-kept gardens despite keeping many chickens in your house.

Below Effective and Easy Chicken Run Garden for Inspiration :

Hopefully with such inspiration can help you in planning and making chicken garden effective and stay beautiful view.

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