25+ Best Topiary Trees Ideas For Outdoor And Indoor Garden

DIY Topiary Trees

In this world there are many beauties that have not been captured by our eyes directly, you agree? One of them is topiary art or artwork cropping plants, can also be called the art of carving plants, the art of carving plants. This art involves the activity of forming an ornamental plant into a unique and creative figure by cutting it. Fans of ornamental plants in the world will not be able to skip the art that involves ornamental plants into a decoration ornament in their garden this one.

In topiary artworks there are many creative figures that can be made, generally the ‘cultivators’ (ornamental plants usually carved or molded are purslane, coleus, etc.) are various animal forms (eg dragons, butterflies, dolphins, birds), important buildings (eg temples, palaces, gates), even human activities to amazing abstract forms.

Now even crop plants are still popular. In the center of ornamental plants are now widely offered crops that are shaped like animals such as deer and rabbits. There is also a “regular” plant as high as 1 – 1.5 m, with some branches and leaves on the branch, is deliberately formed as spheres of the same or varied size. Of course, ornamental crop plants like this have its own allure, because its presence in a garden can serve as a point of interest.

Bougainvillea Silk Topiary Tree
Bougainvillea Silk Topiary Tree

Topiary is widely applied in royal buildings (palaces) or large and important buildings around the world. One of the places where you can find top-level topics is in England (Levens Hall) and in France (Chateau de Villandry). But you can also make it in your home, from small to large.

Well, that’s some pictures of Topiary art. If you want a different park to try adding a topiary tree to make it more interesting.

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