7 Beautiful Indoor Plants Ideas For Bedroom More Fresh and Healthy

Indoor Plants 2 - Source: primaironline.com

In big and small homes, of course, have a bedroom, right? The bedroom in the house depends on several people who occupy the house. In addition, the bedroom is a place to relax from working all day.

Indoor Plants 1 - Source: livelovecreateinspire.wordpress.com
Indoor Plants 1 – Source: livelovecreateinspire.wordpress.com

Therefore, being tired of working all day requires a bedroom that has a comfortable and calm atmosphere. Not only that, cleanliness must also be considered and also the placement of furniture to look beautiful.

Actually, there are now that can make the bedroom more comfortable and healthy and fresh. You simply add plants in the bedroom. Plants also have many functions if placed in the room, especially the bedroom. However, you may not choose plants carelessly in the bedroom.

You who are interested in adding plants in the bedroom can continue to be seen in this article. Now in this article, I will recommend suitable plants to be placed in the bedroom.

The following plants are suitable for bedrooms:

1. Sansevieria plants

This plant is not complicated, looks attractive and fresh. Sansevieria is another favorite on our list. Fresh green for the bedroom and because Sansevieria is very sturdy and easy to clean, you don’t have to bother to take care of this plant.

Sansevieria Plants - Source: appleyardflowers.com
Sansevieria Plants – Source: appleyardflowers.com

2. Calla Plants

Calla and orchids are absolute classical plants among plants in the room. This beautiful plant, also known as Kala Lili, will captivate you with flowers in various styles. The colors that can be found are white, yellow or red and can be adjusted individually with the bedroom design.

Calla Plants - Source: thepinsta.com
Calla Plants – Source: thepinsta.com

3. Jasmine Plants

Although often associated with mystical matters, research shows that jasmine is one of the effective plants to improve the quality of your sleep. The aroma is proven to reduce anxiety levels. Reducing anxiety levels can reduce the risk of difficulty sleeping and prevent you from getting up at night. Both of them can certainly damage the quality of your sleep.

Jasmine Plants - Source: remodelingexpense.com
Jasmine Plants – Source: remodelingexpense.com

4. Lavender Plants

Lavender is one of the plants for rooms that have a soothing aroma. The aroma of one plant can reduce anxiety and insomnia. A study conducted at the University of Southampton in England observed the sleep patterns of 10 adults who were given lavender essential oil with oil that is not lavender.

Lavender Plants - Source: agregator.top
Lavender Plants – Source: agregator.top

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the super plants that have various health benefits. Apart from being used as food, drinks, and medicines, this one plant can really help fight insomnia and improve sleep quality. Why is that? Aloe vera placed in the room can give off oxygen at night. In addition, this plant known as anti-inflammatory can also help remove chemicals that pollute the air of your room.

Aloe Vera - Source: homestratosphere.com
Aloe Vera – Source: homestratosphere.com

6. Tongue-in-Law Plants

Tongue-in-law is also proven to release oxygen at night while you sleep. In addition, simultaneously these plants also take carbon dioxide from the room and filter out bad compounds from the air including formalin and benzene.

Tongue in Law Plants - Source: ebay.co.uk
Tongue in Law Plants – Source: ebay.co.uk

7. Orchid Plants

This orchid plant is the best classic to put in the bedroom. Because of what is eternal, orchids have for years been an important element in modern households. Beautiful tropical flowers spread very special beauty and very intense colors became an amazing sight for your rest.

Orchid Plants - Source: expatdelivery.com
Orchid Plants – Source: expatdelivery.com

Hope you are inspired and hopefully useful.

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