Best And Gorgeous RV Remodel (20+ Beautiful Before And After Picture)

Family Room Decorating Ideas Before and After

The home renovation project is one example of a radical change of interior design, turning a home space, from a very messy house into a very comfortable home. The touch of the interior design is able to give a fresh new feel. One of them the use of the ceiling with patterned pictures, able to turn the atmosphere in the family room.

There are three important elements in renovating the house, namely space, lighting, and color. The first is Space, Space becomes the most important element when renovating because the arrangement of space is what determines the main function and also the course of action in the room. These spatial arrangements include floor plan planning and furniture selection.

The second is Lighting, Lighting is good and right can create atmosphere, mood, even a particular style. Do not get stuck with the principle of using light that only serves to illuminate. Light can also be applied as a room accent.

Vintage Camper Trailer Remodel1
Vintage Camper Trailer Remodel1

The third is Color, Color greatly determines the atmosphere of a room, even the impression of broad or narrow. The use of the right colors is very important and should be considered carefully.

We hope you’ll find some exciting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through pictures before and after the renovations we’ve shared.

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